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Real Country's "DJ Of The Month" January 2004   "DJ Rolf Hierath"- Germany
DJ Rolf Hierath from Germany definately takes pride in great music, and seems to live and breathe it everyday and in every way.....he is an  accomplished musician himself.....plays the guitar, dobro, and lap steel guitar, & sings in a band called Cottonmouth. He also has two records:  "Millions In The Phonebooks" & "Ben Colder, Please Don't Sing My Songs" which he wrote himself as "Rye" W. Henderson & 86 Proof & has his  own little recording studio.   Rolf has been a DJ for 8 years, and is one of the founding members of his radio station which broadcasts from Wiesbaden. He has 3  programs called "Hillbilly Jukebox", "Rockin' Rollin' Rheinwelle", & "Rolf's Pladdekaddong" in which his format is ALL TYPES!!! The Days and  hours of his programs are Tuesday's, Thursdays, & Fridays at 2:00 p.m. His programs have an audience of approximately 800,000 to  1,000,000 listeners.   Rolf has a collection of approximately 8000 longplay records and CD's in his private collection plus 7000 single (7") records. He receives new  CD's from all over the world everyday for airplay consideration, and tries his best to play them all....but "that's easier said than done"  relates Rolf.....and he is a huge supporter of Independent Music!!!   After being with his sweetheart for 27 years, he married her on December, 12, 2003. They have no children but they have 2 cats named  Mephisto and Johnny. Another cat Wilhelm (Willie) died in March 2003 at age 15.   Artists and Records labels may send their music to the following address:   Rolf Hierath Radio RheinWelle  Hauptstrasse 62 65396 Walluf  Germany Email:  Website:  
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