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COLUMBIA RECORDINGS, Page 1 SINGLES, EPs & MINI LPs 4-41251 **1958** All Over Again/What Do I Care 4-41313 **1958** Don't Take Your Guns To Town/I Still Miss Someone B 12531 **1958** THE FABULOUS JOHNNY CASH, Vol. 1 Run Softly, Blue River/That's All Over/I Still Miss Someone/Suppertime B 12532 **1958** THE FABULOUS JOHNNY CASH, Vol. 2 Frankie's Man Johnny/The Troubadour/Don't Take Your Guns To Town/That's Enough B 12533 **1958** THE FABULOUS JOHNNY CASH, Vol. 3 I'd Rather Die Young/One More Ride/Pickin' Time/Shepherd Of My Heart 4-41371 **1959** Frankie's Man, Johnny/You Dreamer You 4-41427 **1959** I Got Stripes/Five Feet High And Rising 4-41481 **1959** The Little Drummer Boy/I'll Remember You 4-41561 **1959** Going To Memphis/Second Honeymoon B 12841 **1959** HYMNS BY JOHNNY CASH, Vol. 1 It Was Jesus*/I Saw A Man/Are All The Children In/The Old Account  *ohne Chor)    B 12842 **1959** HYMNS BY JOHNNY CASH, Vol. 2 Lead Me Gently Home, Father/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/Snow In His Hair/Lead Me Father B 12843 **1959** HYMNS BY JOHNNY CASH, Vol.3 I Call Him/These Things Shall Pass/He'll Be A Friend/God Will B 13391 **1959** SONGS OF OUR SOIL, Vol. 1 Drink To Me/Five Feet High And Rising/The Man On The Hill/Hank And Joe And Me B 13392 **1959** SONGS OF OUR SOIL, Vol. 2 The Caretaker/I Want To Go Home/Clementine/The Great Speckled Bird B 13393 **1959** SONGS OF OUR SOIL, Vol. 3 Old Apache Squaw/Don't Step On Mother's Roses/My Grandfather's Clock/It Could Be You 4-41573 **1959** THE TENNESSEE TWO & FRIEND: Bandana*/Wabash Blues*  *Instrumental 4-41618 **1960** Seasons Of My Heart/Smiling Bill McCall 4-41707 **1960** Second Honeymoon/Honky Tonk Girl 4-41804 **1960** Going To Memphis/Loading Coal S7 30843 **1960** Loading Coal/Slow Rider (Special Coin Operator Release) S7 30844 **1960** Lumberjack/Dorraine Of Ponchartrain (Special Coin Operator Release) S7 30845 **1960** Going To Memphis/When Papa Played The Dobro (Special Coin Operator Release) S7 30846 **1960** Boss Jack/Old Doc Brown (Special Coin Operator Release) 4-41920 **1960** Locomotive Man/Girl In Saskatoon B 14631 **1960** NOW, THERE WAS A SONG, Vol. 1 I Couldn't Keep From Crying/Seasons Of My Heart/I Feel Better All Over/Time Changes Everything B 14632 **1960** NOW, THERE WAS A SONG, Vol. 2 My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You/I'd Just Be Fool Enough To Fall/Why Do You Punish Me/Transfusion Blues B 14633 **1960** NOW, THERE WAS A SONG, Vol. 3 I Will Miss You When You Go/Honky Tonk Girl/Just One More/I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry B 2155 **1960** THE REBEL - JOHNNY YUMA The Rebel - Johnny Yuma/Remember The Alamo/The Ballad Of Boot Hill/Lorena 4-41926 **1961** THE TENNESSEE TWO & FRIEND: Blues For Two*/Jeri And Nina's Melody*  *Instrumental 4-41995 **1961** The Rebel - Johnny Yuma/Forty Shades Of Green 4-42147 **1961** Tennessee Flat-Top Box/Tall Men*  *w/June Carter 4-42301 **1962** The Big Battle/When I've Learned 4-42425 **1962** In The Jailhouse Now/A Little At A Time 4-42512 (CBS 1109) **1962** Bonanza/Pick A Bale O' Cotton 4-42615 **1962** (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley/Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord) 4-42665 **1962** Busted/Send A Picture Of Mother 4-42788 (CBS 1215) **1963** Ring Of Fire/I'd Still Be There 4-42880 (CBS 1363) **1963** The Matador/Still In Town CBS AGS 20.080 **1963** ANILLO DE FUEGO Anillo De Fuego (Ring Of Fire, in Englisch gesungen))/The Rebel - Johnny Yuma/ Bonanza/I'd Still Be There CBS AGS 20.177 (E) **1963** ANILLO DE FUEGO Anillo De Fuego (Ring Of Fire, in Spanisch gesungen)/Remember The Alamo/The Matador/Pick A Bale O’ Cotton CBS EP 5964 **1964** RING OF WESTERN SONGS 1 Ring Of Fire/I Still Miss Someone/Bonanza/Tennessee Flat-Top Box CBS EP 5962 **1964** RING OF WESTERN SONGS 2 I Walk The Line/Bad News/Understand Your Man/Big River 7-8990 **1964** I WALK THE LINE (Special Coin Operator Release) I Walk The Line/Folsom Prison Blues/Give My Love To Rose/Wreck Of The Old ‘97/Big River/Goodbye, Little Darlin’ Goodbye 4-42964 (CBS 1506) **1964** Understand Your Man/Dark As A Dungeon Columbia Record Club D58 **1964** The Little Drummer Boy (Flexi) 4-43004 **1964** THE CARTER FAMILY: Fair And Tender Ladies/Keep On The Sunny Side*  *w/Johnny Cash 4-43058 **1964** The Ballad Of Ira Hayes/Bad News 4-43069 **1964** THE STATLER BROTHERS: Hammers And Nails*/The Wreck Of The Old '97  *w/Johnny Cash 4-43145 (CBS 1566, CBS 1760) **1965** It Ain't Me, Babe*/Time And Time Again  *w/June Carter 4-43206 (CBS 1588)**1965** Orange Blossom Special/All Of God's Children Ain't Free 4-43228 **1965** JOHNNY HORTON: I Just Don’t Like This Kind Of Living*/Rock Island Line*  *w/Johnny Cash 4-43299 **1965** THE TENNESSEE THREE: Cattle Call/Bill's Theme   -   Instrumental 4-43313 **1965** Mister Garfield*/The Streets Of Laredo   *kurze Version (wird ausgeblendet) 4-43342 (CBS 1974) **1965** The Sons Of Katie Elder/A Certain Kinda Hurtin' 4-43420 **1965** Happy To Be With You/Pickin' Time CBS 2114 (D) **1965** In Virginia/Wer kennt den Weg (I Walk The Line) CBS 2115 (D) **1965** Kleine Rosmarie/Besser so, Jenny Joe 4-43496 (CBS 2046) **1966** The One On The Right Is On The Left/Cotton Pickin' Hands 4-43673 (CBS 2256) **1966** Everybody Loves A Nut/Austin Prison 4-43763 (CBS 2379) **1966** Boa Constrictor/Bottom Of A Mountain CBS 5744 **1966** EVERYBODY LOVES A NUT  Everybody Loves A Nut/Please Don't Play Red River Valley/Austin Prison/Take Me Home 4-43921 (CBS 2546) **1966** You Beat All I Ever Saw/Put The Sugar To Bed 4-44011 **1967** Jackson*/Pack Up Your Sorrows*  (*w/June Carter) 4-44158 **1967** Long-Legged Guitar Pickin' Man*/You'll Be All Right*  *w/June Carter 4-44264 **1967** THE TENNESSEE THREE: Spanish Harlem*/Outside Looking In*  *Instrumental 4-44288 **1967** Red Velvet/The Wind Changes 4-44373 (CBS 3202) **1967** Rosanna's Going Wild/Roll Call 4-44513 (CBS 3549) **1968** Folsom Prison Blues/The Folk Singer 4-44689 (CBS 3878) **1968** Daddy Sang Bass*/He Turned The Water Into Wine   *w/June Carter, Statler Bros. & Carl Perkins     7-9639 **1968** JOHNNY CASH AT FOLSOM PRISON (Special Coin Operator Release) Folsom Prison Blues/Long Black Veil/I Got Stripes/Cocaine Blues/Jackson*/Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog  *w/June Carter CBS SBG 225230 (AUS) **1969** A BOY NAMED SUE A Boy Named Sue/Folsom Prison Blues/Peace In The Valley/Wanted Man CBS EP 6601 (UK) **1969** JOHNNY CASH Folsom Prison Blues/A Boy Named Sue/Jackson*/San Quentin  *w/June Carter 4-44944 (CBS 4460) **1969** A Boy Named Sue/San Quentin 4-45020 (CBS 4638) **1969** See Ruby Fall/Blistered 4-45064 (CBS 4754) **1969** If I Were A Carpenter*/'Cause I Love You*  *w/June Carter 7-9943 **1970** HELLO, I’M JOHNNY CASH (Special Coin Operator Release) I’ve Got A Thing About Trains/Wrinkled, Crinkled, Wadded Dollar Bill/Southwind/To Beat The Devil/Sing A Traveling Song 4-45134 (CBS 4934) **1970** What Is Truth/Sing A Traveling Song 4-45211 (CBS 5177) **1970** Sunday Morning Coming Down/I'm Gonna Try To Be That Way 4-45269 (CBS 5364) **1970** Flesh And Blood/This Side Of The Law CC 71032 **1970** The Bug That Tried To Crawl Around The World Äußerst geringe Auflage mit Kinderbuch "The Bug's Story" von Barbara Shook Hazen. Auf der Rückseite: The Bug That Tried To Crawl Around The World erzählt von Adrienne Albert. Die Cash-Version (A-Seite) ist identisch mit der Version auf der LP Everybody Loves A Nut. CBS S 9155 (UK) **1971** LITTLE FAUSS & BIG HALSY/I WALK THE LINE I Walk The Line/Standing On The Promises/Amazing Grace/Ballad Of Little Fauss And Big Halsy/Wanted Man 4-45339 (CBS 7122) **1971** Man In Black/Little Bit Of Yesterday 4-45393 (CBS 7300) **1971** Singing In Viet Nam Talking Blues/You've Got A New Light Shining 4-45428 **1971** THE CARTER FAMILY: A Song To Mama*/One More Summer In Virginia  *w/Johnny Cash CBS 8151 **1971** THE CARTER FAMILY: A Song To Mama*/Never Ending Song Of Love  *w/Johnny Cash 4-45431 (CBS 7452) **1971** No Need To Worry*/I'll Be Loving You*  *w/June Carter 4-45450 **1971** SHEL SILVERSTEIN: A Front Row Seat To Hear Ole Johnny Sing*/26 Second Song  *w/Johnny Cash 4-45460 (CBS 7581) **1971** Papa Was A Good Man/I Promise You JC 101 **1971** The Johnny Cash Show Makes A Joyful Sound, February 24, 1971 on ABC TV (Promo Only) 4-45534 (CBS 7797) **1972** A Thing Called Love/Daddy 4-45590 (CBS 8036) **1972** Kate/The Miracle Man 4-45631 (CBS 8249) **1972** If I Had A Hammer*/I Got A Boy (And His Name Is John)*  *w/June Carter 4-45660 (CBS 8328) **1972** Oney/Country Trash 4-45679 **1972** THE CARTER FAMILY: The World Needs A Melody*/A Bird With Broken Wings Can’t Fly  *w/Johnny Cash 4-45740 (CBS S-1115) **1972** Any Old Wind That Blows/Kentucky Straight 4-45758 (CBS S-1208)**1972** The Loving Gift*/Help Me Make It Through The Night*  *w/June Carter AS 49 / ZSM 157216 **1973** Easter Special Radio Promo Diese Platte wurde nur an Rundfunksender verteilt und enthält 5 Ansagen für ein 90-minütiges "Easter Special". A- und B-Seite der 33 1/3 RPM Platte sind identisch. 4-45786 (CBS S-1490) **1973** Children*/The Last Supper*      *unterscheidet sich von der LP-Version (Gospel Road) 4-45890 (CBS S-1701) **1973** Praise The Lord And Pass The Soup/Ballad Of Barbara 4-45929 **1973** Allegheny*/We're For Love*  *w/June Carter CBS 1994 **1973** Jackson*/We’re For Love* *w/June Carter 4-45938 **1973** Pick The Wildwood Flower*/Diamonds In The Rough*  *w/Maybelle Carter 4-45979 **1973** That Christmasy Feeling (w/Tommy Cash)/Christmas As I Knew It   4-45997 (CBS 2116, CBS 2163) **1974** Orleans Parish Prison*/Jacob Green*  *overdubbed 4-46028 **1974** Ragged Old Flag/Don't Go Near The Water CBS 2396 **1974** Southern Comfort/Don’t Go Near The Water 3-10011 **1974** The Junkie And The Juicehead (Minus Me)/Crystal Chandeliers And Burgundy 3-10048 **1974** Father And Daughter (Father And Son)*/Don't Take Your Guns To Town  *w/Rosey Nix  3-10066 (CBS 2900) **1974** The Lady Came From Baltimore/Lonesome To The Bone 3-10116 **1975** My Old Kentucky Home/Hard Times Coming CBS 3499 **1975** Smokey Factory Blues/Clean Your Own Tables 3-10177 (CBS 3564) **1975** Look At Them Beans/All Around Cowboy 3-10237 (CBS 3970) **1975** Texas 1947/I Hardly Ever Sing Beer Drinking Songs 3-10279 (CBS 4096) **1976** Strawberry Cake/I Got Stripes CBS 4187 **1976** Big River/Doin’ My Time 3-10320 **1976** THE OAK RIDGE BOYS: Where The Soul Never Dies/No Earthly Good*  *w/Johnny Cash 3-10321 (CBS 4287) **1976** One Piece At A Time/Go On Blues 3-10381 **1976** Sold Out Of Flagpoles/Mountain Lady 3-10424 **1976** It's All Over/Ridin' On The Cotton Belt 3-10436 **1977** Old Time Feeling/Far Side Banks Of Jordan*  *w/June Carter 3-10483 (CBS 5107) **1977** The Last Gunfighter Ballad/City Jail 3-10502 **1977** THE CARTER FAMILY: My Father’s Fiddle/My Ship Will Sail*  *w/Johnny Cash 3-10587 (CBS 5564) **1977** Lady/Hit The Road And Go 3-10623 **1977** After The Ball/Calilou 3-10681 (CBS 6235) **1978** I Would Like To See You Again/Lately 3-10742 (CBS S-6401) **1978** There Ain't No Good Chain Gang*/I Wish I Was Crazy Again *  *w/Waylon Jennings 3-10817 **1978** Gone Girl/I'm Alright Now 3-10855 **1978** It'll Be Her/It Comes And Goes 3-10888 (CBS S-7153) **1978** I Will Rock And Roll With You/A Song For The Life CBS 6271 (D) **1978** Wo ist Zuhause, Mama (Five Feet High And Rising)/Viel zu spät (I Got Stripes) 3-10961 (CBS S-7852) **1979** (Ghost) Riders In The Sky/I'm Gonna Sit On The Porch And Pick On My Old Guitar*     *unterscheidet sich minimal von der LP-Version 1-11103 **1979** Cocaine Blues/I'll Say It's True*  *w/George Jones 1-11237 (CBS S-8661) **1979** Bull Rider/Lonesome To The Bone 1-11283 **1980** Song Of The Patriot*/She's A Go-er  *w/Marty Robbins    1-11340 **1980** Cold Lonesome Morning/The Cowboy Who Started The Fight 11-11399 **1980** Rockabilly Blues/The Last Time AS 921 **1980** Without Love 12" Single, nur als PROMO erhältlich gewesen, auf der Rückseite der Platte ist "Without Love" zusammen mit den Unterschriften von Johnny Cash und Nick Lowe eingraviert, ABSOLUTE RARITÄT! 11-11424 (CBS A-1015) **1980** Without Love/It Ain't Nothing New Babe 11-60516 (CBS A-1155) **1981** The Baron/I Will Dance With You*  *unterscheidet sich von der LP Version 18-02189 **1981** Mobile Bay/The Hard Way 18-02669 **1981** The Reverend Mr. Black/Chattanooga City Limit Sign 18-03058 **1982** Georgia On A Fast Train/Sing A Song 38-03317 **1982** Fair Weather Friends/Ain't Gonna Hobo No More 38-03524 **1982** We Must Believe In Magic/I'll Cross Over Jordan Someday AE7-1505 **1982** THE SURVIVORS Get Rhythm/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (Jerry Lee Lewis)/Matchbox (Carl Perkins)/I Saw The Light (w/Jerry Lee Lewis & Carl Perkins) 38-04060 **1983** I'm Ragged But I'm Right/Brand New Dance*  *w/June Carter 38-04227 **1983** Johnny 99/New Cut Road 38-04428 **1984** That’s The Truth/Joshua Gone Barbados 38-04513 (CBS A-4723) **1984** The Chicken In Black/Battle Of Nashville 38-04740 **1984** They Killed Him/The Three Bells 38-04860 **1985** RAY CHARLES: Crazy Old Soldier*/It Ain’t Gonna Worry My Mind  *w/Johnny Cash 38-04881 (CBS A-6215) **1985** Highwayman*/The Human Condition**  *w/Highwaymen, **w/Willie Nelson 38-05594 **1985** Desperados Waiting For A Train*/The Twentieth Century Is Almost Over**  *w/Highwaymen, **w/Willie Nelson 38-05672 **1985** I'm Leaving Now/Easy Street 38-05896 (CBS BA-3442 <A>) **1986** Even Cowgirls Get The Blues*/American By Birth*  *w/Waylon Jennings 38-06287 **1986** Ballad Of Forty Dollars*/Field Of Diamonds*  *w/Waylon Jennings 38-07129 **1986** DAVID ALLAN COE: Tanya Montana/The Ten Commandments Of Love*  *w/Johnny Cash 38-69067 **1989** Ragged Old Flag*/I'm Leaving Now*  *re-release 38-73233 **1990** Silver Stallion*/American Remains*  *w/Highwaymen 38-73381 **1990** Born And Raised In Black And White*/WILLIE NELSON: Texas  *w/Highwaymen CS7 56799 **2002** Folsom Prison Blues (Live)/I'll Remember You Promo Single zu Johnny Cash's 70. Geburtstag. "Folsom Prison Blues" wurde am 5. Dezember 1969 im Madison Square Garden aufgenommen, bei "I'll Remember You" handelt es sich um eine bisher unveröffentlichte Version. 4-4999 **2002(?)** The Man Comes Around/Personal Jesus Eine sehr merkwürdige Pressung, die ich unter Bootlegs einsortiert habe. Von der Katalognummer her würde diese Platte eher in die 1960er Jahre passen. CS7 55450 **2005** Hey Porter/It Takes One To Know Me*  *w/June Carter Cash ft. Carlene Carter Promo Single zur Veröffentlichung der CD/DVD Box JOHNNY CASH - THE LEGEND und der Doppel CD JUNE CARTER CASH - KEEP ON THE SUNNY SIDE. Bei "Hey Porter" handelt es sich um die SUN-Version, "It Takes One To Know Me" war bisher unveröffentlicht. Seite 1 der Platte hat ein SUN Label, Seite 2 ein Columbia Label. Dies dürfte wohl einmalig sein. Columbia Legacy/Rolling Stone - keine Nummer - **2014** She Used To Love Me A Lot (The Haunted Mix) Die Platte lag der Ausgabe 233/März 2014 des Rolling Stone bei und ist nur einseitig bespielt Columbia Legacy 8843034177 **2014** She Used To Love Me A Lot/She Used To Love Me A Lot* *JC/EC (Elvis Costello) Version PHILIPS Singles & EPs PB 874 (UK) **1958** All Over Again/What Do I Care 322 337 BF (NL/D) **1959** All Over Again/What Do I Care PB 897 (UK) **1959** Don’t Take Your Guns To Town/I Still Miss Someone 322 399 BF (NL/D) **1959** Don’t Take Your Guns To Town/I Still Miss Someone PB 928 (UK) **1959** Frankie’s Man, Johnny/You Dreamer You 322 461 BF (NL/D) **1959** JOHNNY HORTON: The Battle Of New Orleans/JOHNNY CASH: Frankie’s Man, Johnny PB 953 (UK) **1959** I Got Stripes/Five Feet High And Rising 322 476 BF (NL/D) **1959** I Got Stripes/Five Feet High And Rising PB 979 (UK) **1959** The Little Drummer Boy/I’ll Remember You PB 1017 (UK) **1960** Seasons Of My Heart/Smiling Bill McCall PB 1075 (UK) **1960** Going To Memphis/Loading Coal PB 1148 (UK) **1961** Forty Shades Of Green/The Rebel-Johnny Yuma PB 1200 (UK) **1961** Tall Men/Tennessee Flat-Top Box 322 823 BF (NL/D) **1961** Tall Men/Tennessee Flat-Top Box BBE 12377 (UK) **1960** THE TROUBADOUR: The Troubadour/Pickin’ Time/Frankie’s Man, Johnny/Suppertime BBE 12395 (UK) **1960** SONGS OF OUR SOIL: I Want To Go Home/The Caretaker/Five Feet High And Rising/The Man On The Hill BBE 12494 (UK) **1960** STRICTLY CASH: Honky Tonk Girl/Second Honeymoon/Locomotive Man/Girl In Saskatoon COLUMBIA / PHILIPS / CBS - LPs & CDs CL = Mono, CS = Stereo siehe auch Bear Family Records CL 1253/CS 8122/CBS 62042/Philips BBL 7298 **1958** THE FABULOUS JOHNNY CASH Run Softly, Blue River/Frankie's Man Johnny/That's All Over/The Troubadour/One More Ride/That's Enough/I Still Miss Someone/Don't Take Your Guns To Town/I'd Rather Die Young*/Pickin' Time/Shepherd Of My Heart*/Suppertime          *auf den Mono-Ausgaben befanden sich andere Versionen dieser beiden Titel Sonderpressung für AFN: AFRTS W 1265/W 1266 Wiederveröffentlicht als COL LE 10063, COL 506371 2 (CD) **2002** THE FABULOUS JOHNNY CASH  (Bonus Tracks: Oh What A Dream (Take 1)/I'll Remember You* *identisch mit Single CS7 56799 ** 2002 ** Folsom Prison Blues (Live)/I'll Remember You) und Columbia Legacy 88697 27108 2 **2008** ORIGINAL ALBUM CLASSICS  (Bonus Tracks: Oh, What A Dream/Mama's Baby/Fool's Hall Of Fame/I'll Remember You/Cold Shoulder/Walkin' The Blues) CL 1284/CS 8125/Philips BBL 7373 **1959** HYMNS BY JOHNNY CASH It Was Jesus/I Saw A Man/Are All The Children In/The Old Account/Lead Me Gently Home, Father/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/Snow In His Hair/Lead Me Father/I Call Him/These Things Shall Pass/He'll Be A Friend/God Will Wiederveröffentlicht 2001 als Sony/SPR-701/A32191 (CD), COL 5063372 2 (CD) **2002** HYMNS BY JOHNNY CASH (Bonus Track: It Was Jesus - Mono EP Version) und Columbia Legacy 88697 27108 2 **2008** ORIGINAL ALBUM CLASSICS  (Bonus Track: It Was Jesus - Mono EP Version) CL 1339/CS 8148/Philips BBL 7353 **1959** SONGS OF OUR SOIL Drink To Me/Five Feet High And Rising/The Man On The Hill/Hank And Joe And Me/Clementine/The Great Speckled Bird/I Want To Go Home/The Caretaker/Old Apache Squaw/Don't Step On Mother's Roses/My Grandfather's Clock/It Could Be You Wiederveröffentlicht als COL LE 10064, COL 509412 2 (CD) **2002** SONGS OF OUR SOIL (Bonus Tracks: I Got Stripes/You Dreamer You) und Columbia Legacy 88697 27108 2 **2008** ORIGINAL ALBUM CLASSICS (Bonus Tracks: I Got Stripes/You Dreamer You) CL 1463/CS 8252/CBS 62028/Philips SBBL 580 **1960** NOW, THERE WAS A SONG Seasons Of My Heart/I Feel Better All Over/I Couldn't Keep From Crying/Time Changes Everything/My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You/I'd Just Be Fool Enough (To Fall)/Transfusion Blues/Why Do You Punish Me/I Will Miss You When You Go/I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/Just One More/Honky Tonk Girl 1994 wiederveröffentlicht als COL LE 10019 und Columbia Legacy CK 66506 (CD) CL 1464/CS 8255/CBS 62575/Philips BBL 7417 **1960** RIDE THIS TRAIN Loading Coal/Slow Rider/Lumberjack/Dorraine Of Ponchartrain/Going To Memphis/When Papa Played The Dobro/Boss Jack/ Old Doc Brown Wiederveröffentlicht als COL 506373 2 (CD) **2002** RIDE THIS TRAIN (Bonus Tracks: The Fable Of Willie Brown/Second Honeymoon/The Ballad Of The Harpweaver/Smiling Bill McCall) und Columbia Legacy 88697 27108 2 **2008** ORIGINAL ALBUM CLASSICS CL 1722/CS 8522/CBS 62015 **1961** HYMNS FROM THE HEART He'll Understand And Say Well Done/God Has My Fortune Laid Away/When I've Learned/I Got Shoes/Let The Lower Lights Be Burning/If We Never Meet Again/When I Take My Vacation In Heaven/When He Reached Down His Hand For Me/ Taller Than Trees/I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone/My God Is Real (Yes, God Is Real)/These Hands CL 1802/CS 8602/CBS 62073 **1962** THE SOUND OF JOHNNY CASH Lost On The Desert/Accidentally On Purpose/In The Jailhouse Now/Mr. Lonesome/You Won't Have Far To Go/In Them Old Cottonfields Back Home/Delia's Gone/I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know About Her/You Remembered Me/I'm Free From The Chain Gang Now/Let Me Down Easy/Sing It Pretty, Sue Wiederveröffentlicht als COL LE 10146 und  1974 als Embassy LP emb 31081 CL 1930/CS 8730/CBS 62119 **1962** BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS   (w/The Carter Family) The Legend Of John Henry's Hammer/Tell Him I'm Gone/Another Man Done Gone/Busted/Casey Jones/Nine Pound Hammer/ Chain Gang/Waiting For A Train/Roughneck 1994 wiederveröffentlicht als Columbia Legacy CK 66508 (CD) CL 2053/CS 8853/CBS 62171 **1963** RING OF FIRE - THE BEST OF JOHNNY CASH Ring Of Fire/I'd Still Be There/What Do I Care/I Still Miss Someone/Forty Shades Of Green/Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord)/The Rebel - Johnny Yuma/Bonanza/The Big Battle/Remember The Alamo/Tennessee Flat-Top Box/(There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me) Sonderpressung für AFN: AFRTS W-1572 / RL-16-4 1995 wiederveröffentlicht als Columbia Legacy CK 66890 (CD) CL 2117/CS 8917/CBS 62284 **1963** THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT The Christmas Spirit/I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day/Blue Christmas/The Gifts They Gave/Here Was A Man/Christmas As I Knew It/Silent Night/The Little Drummer Boy/Ringing The Bells For Jim/We Are The Shepherds/Who Kept The Sheep/ The Ballad Of The Harp Weaver 1994 wiederveröffentlicht als Sony Music Special Products A 24082 **1994** CL 2190/CS 8990/CBS 62371 **1964** I WALK THE LINE I Walk The Line/Bad News/Folsom Prison Blues/Give My Love To Rose/Hey Porter/I Still Miss Someone/Understand Your Man/Wreck Of The Old '97/Still In Town/Big River/Goodbye Little Darlin', Goodbye/Troublesome Waters CL 2248/CS 9048/CBS 62463 **1964** BITTER TEARS As Long As The Grass Shall Grow/Apache Tears/Custer/The Talking Leaves/The Ballad Of Ira Hayes/Drums/White Girl/The Vanishing Race Wiederveröffentlicht 1972 als Harmony KH 32388 "BALLADS OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN - Their Thoughts And Feelings - The Battle Of Wounded Knee". Der Titel "Custer" wurde gegen "Big Foot" ausgetauscht, 1984 als Bear Family Records BFX 15127 BITTER TEARS mit den Titeln "Big Foot" und "Old Apache Squaw" zusätzlich und 1994 als Columbia Legacy CK 66507 (CD) CL 2309/CS 9109/CBS 62501 **1965** ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIAL Orange Blossom Special/The Long Black Veil/It Ain't Me, Babe*/The Wall/Don't Think Twice, It's All Right/You Wild Colorado/Mama You Been On My Mind/When It's Springtime In Alaska (It's Forty Below)*/All Of God's Children Ain't Free/ Danny Boy/Wildwood Flower/Amen                  *w/June Carter Wiederveröffentlicht als Columbia Legacy COL 506374 2 (CD) **2002** ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIAL (Bonus Tracks: Engine 143 <Mono>/<I’m Proud> The Baby Is Mine/Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind) und Columbia Legacy 88697 27108 2 **2008** ORIGINAL ALBUM CLASSICS C2L 38/C2S 838 (CBS 68225*) **1965** JOHNNY CASH SINGS BALLADS OF THE TRUE WEST(2 LP) Hiawatha's Vision/The Road To Kaintuck/The Shifting, Whispering Sands, Part 1/Narration/The Ballad Of Boot Hill/I Ride An Old Paint/Narration/Hardin Wouldn't Run/Narration/Mister Garfield/The Streets Of Laredo/Narration/Johnny Reb/A Letter From Home/Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie/Mean As Hell/Sam Hall/25 Minutes To Go/The Blizzard/Narration/ Sweet Betsy From Pike/Green Grow The Lilacs/Narration/Stampede/The Shifting, Whispering Sands, Part 2/Reflections  *1973  - in Europa ursprünglich erschienen als Einzel-LPs Wiederveröffentlicht 2002 als Columbia Legacy 5094112000 (Bonus Tracks: Rodeo Hand/Stampede** <Alternate Instrumental>) **offenbar ein Fehler, tatsächlich handelt es sich um den Titel Cripple Creek CL 2446/CS 9246 **1966** MEAN AS HELL The Shifting, Whispering Sands, Part 1/I Ride An Old Paint/The Road To Kaintuck/A Letter From Home/Mean As Hell/25 Minutes To Go/Mister Garfield/The Blizzard/The Streets Of Laredo/Sweet Betsy From Pike/Stampede/Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie               Diese LP ist lediglich als "abgespeckte" Version der Ballads Of The True West zu sehen. CL 2492/CS 9292 (CBS 62717) **1966** EVERYBODY LOVES A NUT Everybody Loves A Nut/The One On The Right Is On The Left/A Cup Of Coffee/The Bug That Tried To Crawl Around The World/The Singing Star's Queen/Austin Prison/Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog/Take Me Home/Please Don't Play Red River Valley/Boa Constrictor/Joe Bean CL 2537/CS 9337 (CBS 62760) **1967** HAPPINESS IS YOU Happiness Is You/Guess Things Happen That Way/Ancient History/You Comb Her Hair/She Came From The Mountains/ (That's What You Get) For Lovin' Me/No One Will Ever Know/Is This My Destiny/A Wound Time Can't Erase/Happy To Be With You/Wabash Cannon Ball CL 2647/CS 9447 (CBS 62972) **1967** FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA From Sea To Shining Sea/The Whirl And The Suck/Call Daddy From The Mine/The Frozen Four-Hundred-Pound-Fair-To-Middlin' Cotton Picker/The Walls Of A Prison/The Masterpiece/You And Tennessee/Another Song To Sing/The Flint Arrowhead/Cisco Clifton's Fillin' Station/Shrimpin' Sailin'/From Sea To Shining Sea (Finale) AFRTS W-2110 / RL 42-8 **1967** FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA From Sea To Shining Sea/the Frozen Four-Hundred-Pound-Fair-To-Middlin' Cotton Picker/The Masterpiece/You And Tennessee/Another Song To Sing/Shrimpin' Sailin'/From Sea To Shining Sea (Finale) Seite zwei der PLatte enthält Musik von Connie Smith CL 2678/CS 9478 (CBS 63062) **1967** GREATEST HITS, Vol. 1 Jackson*/I Walk The Line/Understand Your Man/Orange Blossom Special/The One On The Right Is On The Left/Ring Of Fire/It Ain't Me, Babe*/The Ballad Of Ira Hayes/The Rebel - Johnny Yuma/Five Feet High And Rising/Don't Take Your Guns To Town                   *w/June Carter
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