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BEAR FAMILY RECORDS BFX 15016 **1978** THE UNISSUED JOHNNY CASH Mama's Baby/Fool's Hall Of Fame/Walkin' The Blues/Cold Shoulder/Viel zu spät (I Got Stripes)/Wo ist Zuhause, Mama (Five Feet High And Rising)/The Fable Of Willie Brown/The Losing Kind/So Do I/Shamrock Doesn't Grow In California/The Danger Zone/I'll Be All Smiles Tonight BFX 15030 **1978** JOHNNY & JUNE (I'm Proud) The Baby Is Mine/Cotton Pickin' Hands/Close The Door Lightly*/That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome**/ Thunderball/One Too Many Mornings/How Did You Get Away From Me***/Adios Aloha*/Wer kennt den Weg (I Walk The Line)/Ain't You Ashamed*/Smiling Bill McCall/In Virginia                                                                                               *June Carter, **Anita Carter, ***June Carter w/Johnny Cash BFX 15033 **1979** TALL MAN Tall Man/Foolish Questions/Pick A Bale O' Cotton/I Tremble For You/Besser so, Jenny Joe/Kleine Rosmarie/My Old Faded Rose/Rodeo Hand/The Sound Of Laughter/Hammers And Nails*/Engine 143/On The Line                                                   *w/The Statler Brothers BFX 15072 **1981** OLD GOLDEN THROAT I Got Stripes/A Certain Kinda Hurtin'/A Little At A Time/All Over Again/Still In Town/Smiling Bill McCall/The Wind Changes/The Sons Of Katie Elder/Dark As A Dungeon/Tennessee Flat-Top Box/The Matador/Send A Picture Of Mother/You Dreamer You/Red Velvet BFX 15073 **1982** MORE OF “OLD GOLDEN THROAT” Bottom Of A Mountain/You Beat All I Ever Saw/Put The Sugar To Bed/Blues For Two**/Girl From Saskatoon/Time And Time Again/Jeri And Nina's Melody**/Honky Tonk Girl/Locomotive Man/Bandana**/Second Honeymoon/I'll Remember You/Wabash Blues**/Lorena/Roll Call **The Tennessee Two & Friend                                                                                                                             BFX 15092 **1983** INSIDE A SWEDISH PRISON (Pa Österaker) Orleans Parish Prison (overdubbed)/Jacob Green/Me And Bobby McGee/The Prisoner's Song/The Invertebraes/Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine/City Jail/Life Of A Prisoner/Looking Back In Anger/Nobody Cared/Help Me Make It Through The Night/I Saw A Man BFX 15127 **1984** BITTER TEARS Intro-Big Foot/As Long As The Grass Shall Grow/Apache Tears/Custer/The Talking Leaves/The Ballad Of Ira Hayes/Drums/White Girl/Old Apache Squaw/The Vanishing Race BCD 15517 (1-5) **1990** THE MAN IN BLACK, 1954 - 1958 CD 1 Wide Open Road/You're My Baby/My Treasure/My Treasure/Hey Porter*/Folsom Prison Blues*/Wide Open Road/Two Timin' Woman/Hey Porter/Cry, Cry, Cry/Wide Open Road/Port Of Lonely Hearts/I Couldn't Keep From Crying/New Mexico/Folsom Prison Blues/So Doggone Lonesome/Mean Eyed Cat/Luther Played The Boogie/Rock And Roll Ruby/I Walk The Line/Brakeman's Blues**/Get Rhythm*/Get Rhythm/I Walk The Line/Train Of Love/Train Of Love/There You Go/One More Ride**/I Love You Because/Goodbye Little Darling/I Love You Because/Straight A's In Love                                                                           *Titel in dieser Form erstmals veröffentlicht, **nicht komplett CD 2 Don't Make Me Go*/Next In Line/Don't Make Me Go/Don't Make Me Go/Home Of The Blues*/Give My Love To Rose*/Give My Love To Rose/Home Of The Blues/Rock Island Line/Wreck Of The Old '97/Belshazzar/Country Boy/Leave That Junk Alone/ Doin' My Time/Country Boy/If The Good Lord's Willing/I Heard That Lonesome Whistle/I Was There When It Happened/ Remember Me/I Was There When It Happened/Big River*/Ballad Of A Teenage Queen*/Goodnight Irene/Big River/Ballad Of A Teenage Queen/Come In Stranger/Oh Lonesome Me*/Guess Things Happen That Way/Oh Lonesome Me                            *Titel in dieser Form erstmals veröffentlicht CD 3 Sugartime*/Born To Lose/You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven/Born To Lose/Sugartime/Story Of A Broken Heart/Always Alone**/Always Alone/Story Of A Broken Heart***/You Tell Me/Life Goes On/You Win Again*/I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You*/Hey Good Lookin'*/I Can't Help It*/Cold Cold Heart*/Blue Train/Katy Too/The Ways Of A Woman In Love/Fool's Hall Of Fame*/The Ways Of A Woman In Love/Thanks A Lot/It's Just About Time*/I Forgot To Remember To Forget*/I Just Thought You'd Like To Know/It's Just About Time/I Forgot To Remember To Forget/Down The Street To 301          *Titel in dieser Form erstmals veröffentlicht, **nicht komplett, ***mehrere falsche Starts CD 4 Oh What A Dream*/I'll Remember You*/Drink To Me/What Do I Care/Suppertime/It Was Jesus/Oh What A Dream/I'll Remember You*/Mama's Baby/The Troubadour/Run Softly Blue River/All Over Again/That's All Over/Frankie's Man Johnny/ Fool's Hall Of Fame/Walkin' The Blues/Lead Me Father/That's Enough/I Still Miss Someone/One More Ride/Pickin' Time/ Don't Take Your Guns To Town/I'd Rather Die Young/Shepherd Of My Heart/Cold Shoulder                                                *Titel in dieser Form erstmals veröffentlicht CD 5   -   KOMPLETTE AUFNAHMESESSION VOM 13. AUGUST 1958 Lead Me Father/That's Enough/I Still Miss Someone/One More Ride/Pickin' Time/Don't Take Your Guns To Town/I'd Rather Die Young/Shepherd Of My Heart/Cold Shoulder                                                                                                                   Mehrere komplette und nicht komplette Takes BCD 15562 (1-5) **1991** THE MAN IN BLACK, 1959 - 1962 CD 1 Snow In His Hair/I Saw A Man/Lead Me Gently Home/Are All The Children In/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/I Call Him/The Old Account/He'll Be A Friend/These Things Shall Pass/It Could Be You (Instead Of Him)/God Will/The Great Speckled Bird/ Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord)/He'll Understand And Say Well Done/God Has My Fortune Laid Away/ When I've Learned/I Got Shoes/Let The Lower Lights Be Burning/If We Never Meet Again/When I Take My Vacation In Heaven/When He Reached Down His Hand For Me/Taller Than Trees/I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone/My God Is Real (Yes, God Is Real)/These Hands/Were You There (When They Crucified My Love)*/(There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me)/A Day In The Grand Canyon                                                                                                                                           *Titel in dieser Form erstmals veröffentlicht CD 2 I'll Remember You/I Got Stripes/You Dreamer You/Five Feet High And Rising/The Rebel - Johnny Yuma/Lorena/Second Honeymoon/The Fable Of Willie Brown/Smiling Bill McCall/Johnny Yuma Theme/The Man On The Hill/Hank And Joe And Me/ The Caretaker/Clementine/I Want To Go Home/Old Apache Squaw/Don't Step On Mother's Roses/My Grandfather's Clock/I Couldn't Keep From Crying/My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You/I Will Miss You When You Go/I Feel Better All Over/ Bandana*/Wabash Blues*/Viel zu spaet (I Got Stripes)/Wo ist Zuhause, Mama (Five Feet High And Rising)/Heartbeat**/ Hello Again**                                                                                                                                                                   *Instrumental, **Roy Rivers CD 3 Tall Man/Girl In Saskatoon/Locomotive Man/The Losing Kind*/Five Minutes To Live (1)*/Forty Shades Of Green (1)/The Big Battle/Blues For Two**/Jeri And Nina's Melody**/Why Do You Punish Me/Just One More/Seasons Of My Heart/Honky Tonk Girl/I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/Time Changes Everything/I'd Just Be Fool Enough/Transfusion Blues/Lovin' Locomotive Man*/Five Minutes To Live (2)*/Mr. Lonesome/Forty Shades Of Green (2)*/Folsom Prison Blues*/I Walk The Line*/Hey Porter*/I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know About Her*/There's A Mother Always Waiting*/The Losing Kind                *Titel in dieser Form oder überhaupt erstmals veröffentlicht, **Instrumental CD 4 Tennessee Flat-Top Box/Sing It Pretty Sue/A Little At A Time/So Do I/Bonanza/Shamrock Doesn't Grow In California/I'm Free From The Chain Gang Now/Delia's Gone*/Lost On The Desert/I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know About Her/ Accidentally On Purpose/You Remembered Me/In The Jailhouse Now/Let Me Down Easy/In Them Old Cottonfields Back Home/ You Won't Have Far To Go/Delia's Gone/No One Will Ever Know/The Danger Zone/I'll Be All Smiles Tonight*/Send A Picture Of Mother/Hardin Wouldn't Run*/Sing It Pretty Sue*/Blue Bandana* **/So Doggone Lonesome* **/Johnny Reb*/ Delia's Gone*/I Walk The Line (Take 9, fast)*/I Walk The Line (Take 6, slow)*                                                                 *Titel in dieser Form erstmals veröffentlicht, **Instrumental CD 5 The Girl In Saskatoon, Takes 1-9*/An Empty Chair, Takes 1-5* **/Relief Is Just A Swallow Away, Takes 1-6* **/Riot In Cell Block #9, Takes 1 - 3* ***/It's A Sin To Lie, Take 1* ***/Rocket '69, Takes 1 + 2* ***/Blueberry Hill, Take 1* ***           *Titel in dieser Form oder überhaupt erstmals veröffentlicht, **Roy Cash (Johnny Cash's Bruder), ***Ray Liberto, jr. BCD 15563 DH (1-4) **1991** COME ALONG AND RIDE THIS TRAIN CD 1   -   BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS Come Along And Ride This Train*/Loading Coal/Slow Rider/The Shifting Whispering Sands* **/Lumberjack/Dorraine Of Ponchartrain/Going To Memphis/When Papa Played The Dobro/Boss Jack/Old Doc Brown/The Legend Of John Henry's Hammer/Tell Him I'm Gone/Another Man Done Gone***/Casey Jones/Nine Pound Hammer/Chain Gang/Busted/Waiting For A Train/Roughneck/Pick A Bale O' Cotton/Cotton Pickin' Hands                                                                                              *Titel in dieser Form erstmals veröffentlicht, **w/Lorne Greene, ***w/Anita Carter CD 2   -   MEAN AS HELL/BALLADS OF THE TRUE WEST Hiawatha's Vision/The Road To Kaintuck/Hammers & Nails*/The Shifting Whispering Sands, Part 1/The Ballad Of Boot Hill/ I Ride An Old Paint/Hardin Wouldn't Run/Mr. Garfield/The Streets Of Laredo/Johnny Reb/A Letter From Home/Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie/Mean As Hell/Sam Hall/25 Minutes To Go/The Blizzard/Sweet Betsy From Pike/Green Grow The Lilacs/ Rodeo Hand/Stampede/The Shifting Whispering Sands, Part 2/Remember The Alamo/Reflections                                           *w/The Statler Brothers CD 3   -   AMERICA Intro - Big Foot/As Long As The Grass Shall Grow/Apache Tears/Custer/The Talking Leaves/The Ballad Of Ira Hayes/Drums/ White Girl/Old Apache Squaw/The Vanishing Race/Opening Dialogue/Paul Revere/Begin West Movement/The Road To Kaintuck/To The Shining Mountains/The Battle Of New Orleans/Southwestward/Remember The Alamo/Opening The West/ Lorena/The Gettysburg Address/The West/Big Foot/Like A Young Colt/Mr. Garfield/A Proud Land/The Big Battle/On Wheels And Wings/Come Take A Trip In My Airship/Reaching For The Stars/These Are My People CD 4   -   THE RAMBLER From Sea To Shining Sea/The Whirl And The Suck/Call Daddy From The Mine/The Frozen Four Hundred Pound Fair To Middlin' Cotton Picker/The Walls Of A Prison/The Masterpiece/You And Tennessee/She Came From The Mountains/Another Song To Sing/The Flint Arrowhead/Cisco Clifton's Fillin' Station/Shrimpin' Sailin'/From Sea To Shining Sea/Hit The Road And Go/Dialogue #1/If It Wasn't For The Wabash River/Dialogue #2/Lady/Dialogue #3/After The Ball/Dialogue #4/No Eartly Good/Dialogue #5/A Wednesday Car/Dialogue #6/My Cowboy's Last Ride/Dialogue #7/Calilou/Dialogue #8 - Hit The Road And Go/Come Along And Ride This Train BCD 15247 **1994** UP THROUGH THE YEARS, 1955-1957 Cry Cry Cr/Hey Porter/Folsom Prison Blues/Luther Played The Boogie/So Doggone Lonesome/I Walk The Line/Get Rhythm/Train Of Love/There You Go/Goodbye Little Darling Goodbye/I Love You Because/Straight A's In Love/Next In Line/Don't Make Me Go/Home Of The Blues/Give My Love To Rose/Rock Island Line/Wreck Of The Old '97/Ballad Of A Teenage Queen/Big River/Guess Things Happen That Way/Come In Stranger/You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven/Blue Train BCD 15588-FI (1-6) **1995** THE MAN IN BLACK, 1963 - 1969...Plus CD 1 Ring Of Fire/The Matador/I'd Still Be There/Still In Town/El Matador*/Fuego De Amor (Anillo De Fuego - Ring Of Fire)**/ My Old Faded Rose*/It Ain't Me, Babe***/Don't Think Twice, It's Alright/One Too Many Mornings/Mama, You've Been On My Mind/The Long Black Veil/The Wall/Orange Blossom Special/Troublesome Waters/I Walk The Line/Folsom Prison Blues/ Wreck Of The Old '97/Hey Porter/Big River/All Of God's Children Ain't Free/When It's Springtime In Alaska***/You Wild Colorado/Danny Boy****/I Still Miss Someone/Give My Love To Rose/Goodbye Little Darlin' Goodbye                                   *Titel hier erstmals veröffentlicht, **nicht die 1963 veröffentlichte Version, ***w/June Carter, ****von der LP-Version abweichender Einleitungstext CD 2 Dark As A Dungeon/Bottom Of A Mountain/Understand Your Man/Time And Time Again/I Still Miss Someone*/Hardin Wouldn't Run*/Mama, You've Been On My Mind*/A Certain Kinda Hurtin'/My Old Faded Rose/How Did You Get Away From Me**/Bad News/A Cup Of Coffee/Dirty Old Egg Sucking Hound*/The One On The Right Is On The Left/Concerning Your New Song*/The Bug That Tried To Crawl Around The World/Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart*/Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog/Take Me Home/The Song Of The Coward*/Please Don't Play Red River Valley/Foolish Questions/The Singing Star's Queen/Austin Prison/Boa Constrictor/Everybody Loves A Nut/The Sound Of Laughter/Joe Bean                                       *Titel in dieser Form oder überhaupt erstmals veröffentlicht, **w/June Carter CD 3 The Frozen Logger/(I'm Proud) The Baby Is Mine/Happy To Be With You/(That's What You Get) For Lovin' Me/Wabash Cannon Ball/Guess Things Happen That Way/Happiness Is You/Ancient History/You Comb Her Hair/A Wound Time Can't Erase/Is This My Destiny/Jackson*/Pack Up Your Sorrows*/Long-Legged Guitar Pickin' Man*/Fast Boat To Sydney*/You'll Be All Right*/I Got A Woman*/What'd I Say* **/Oh, What A Good Thing We Had*/No, No, No*/Shantytown*/What'd I Say*/Still In Town**/The Matador**/Wer kennt den Weg (I Walk The Line)**/In Virginia**/Kleine Rosmarie**/Besser so, Jenny Joe**/Wer kennt den Weg (I Walk The Line)/In Virginia/Kleine Rosmarie/Besser so, Jenny Joe                              *w/June Carter, **Titel in dieser Form erstmals veröffentlicht CD 4 Thunderball/The Sons Of Katie Elder/Put The Sugar To Bed/Red Velvet/Rosanna's Going Wild/The Wind Changes/On The Line/Roll Call/You Beat All I Ever Saw/I Tremble For You/Cattle Call*/Bill's Theme*/Outside Looking In*/Spanish Harlem*/ The Folk Singer/Southwind*****/The Devil To Pay/'Cause I Love You**/See Ruby Fall/Route #1, Box 144/Sing A Traveling Song/If I Were A Carpenter**/To Beat The Devil****/Blistered/Wrinkled, Crinkled, Wadded Dollar Bill/I've Got A Thing About Trains/ Six White Horses***/Jesus Was A Carpenter/Man In Black                                                                                              *Instrumental, **w/June Carter, ***Titel erstmals veroeffentlicht, ****nicht identisch mit dem Titel auf Columbia KCS 9943 (1970) - allerdings handelt es sich hier nicht um eine andere Aufnahme, sondern man hat entweder "geschlafen" oder es stand kein anderes Band zur Verfügung. Nur so ist zu erklären warum Johnny Cash hier nur den halben Refrain singt, *****leicht abweichend von der LP Version (es fehlt der erste Ton der Einleitung) CD 5 The Christmas Spirit/I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day/Blue Christmas/The Gifts They Gave/Here Was A Man/Christmas As I Knew It/Silent Night/The Little Drummer Boy/It Came Upon A Midnight Clear/Ringing The Bells For Jim/We Are The Shepherds/Who Kept The Sheep/The Ballad Of The Harp Weaver/Wildwood Flower/Engine 143/Keep On The Sunny Side*/ Single Girl, Married Girl*/The Banks Of The Ohio*/My Clinch Mountain Home*/Lonesome Valley*/Worried Man Blues*/The Wabash Cannon Ball/Brown Hearted Lover/Brown Eyes/I'm Working On A Building*/Gathering Flowers From The Hillside*/ When The Roses Bloom Again*                                                                                                                                            *w/The Carter Family CD 6   -   NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL, Live 1964* Big River/Folsom Prison Blues/I Still Miss Someone/Rock Island Line/Don't Think Twice, It's Alright/I Walk The Line/The Ballad Of Ira Hayes/Keep On The Sunny Side                                                                                                                     *Aufnahmen hier erstmals veröffentlicht BCD 16130 AH **1999** I WALK THE LINE/LITTLE FAUSS AND BIG HALSY (Soundtrack) Flesh And Blood/I Walk The Line (full version)*/Hungry/This Town/This Side Of The Law*/Flesh And Blood**/'Cause I Love You/'Cause I Love You**/The World's Gonna Fall On You/Face Of Despair/Standing On The Promises - Amazing Grace/ 'Cause I Love You*/Amazing Grace*/Rollin' Free/Ballad Of Little Fauss And Big Halsy/Ballad Of Little Fauss And Big Halsy**/706 Union**/Little Man/Little Man**/Wanted Man/Rollin' Free**/True Love Is Greater Than Friendship***/ Movin'/Little Man* **/True Love Is Greater Than Friendship* **/Movin'* **                                                                *Titel in dieser Form erstmals veröffentlicht, **Instrumental BCD 16132 AR **1999** IT’S ALL IN THE FAMILY Losin' You*/The Shadow Of A Lady*/Gatsby's Restaurant*/Once Before I Die* **/The L & N Don't Stop Here Anymore*/ East Virginia Blues*/Gone*/Appalachian Pride*/I Love You Sweetheart*/Another Broken Hearted Girl*/Big Balls In Nashville* ***/Nasty Dan/One And One Makes Two/I Got A Boy (And His Name Is John)****/Little Magic Glasses/Miss Tara/Dinosaur Song/Tiger Whitehead/Call Of The Wild/Little Green Fountain/Old Shep/The Timber Man/The Mystery Of Number Five***/Ben Dewberry's Final Run***/Grandfather's Clock***/Abacida***/Why Is A Fire Engine Red?***/The Very Biggest Circus Of Them All***                                                                                                                                       *June Carter (Original LP "Appalachian Pride" 1975, KC 33686, **w/Jerry Hensley, ***Titel in dieser Form oder überhaupt erstmals veröffentlicht, ****w/June Carter BCD 16076 DB **2004** AUF KURS - DIE JOHNNY CASH BIOGRAPHIE 4 CDs, gelesen von Peter Lohmeyer, nach einem Hörbuch-Manuskript von Bettina Greve Songs: Cotton Pickin' Hands/In Them Old Cotton Fields Back Home/Five Feet High And Rising/The Frozen Four-Hundred-Pound-Fair-To- Middlin' Cotton Picker/Daddy Sang Bass/I Want To Go Home/Hey Porter/Busted/Home Of The Blues/Wide Open Road/Cry, Cry, Cry/So Doggone Lonesome/I Walk The Line/Give My Love To Rose/Guess Things Happen That Way/All Over Again/Don't Take Your Guns To Town/Don't Make Me Go/Everybody Loves A Nut/Transfusion Blues/Jeri And Nina's Melody/Forty Shades Of Green/Tennessee Flat-Top Box/Come In Stranger/Understand Your Man/The Ballad Of Ira Hayes/All God's Children Ain't Free/Wer kennt den Weg/Folsom Prison Blues/Ring Of Fire/Luther Played The Boogie/To Beat The Devil/Man In Black/One Piece At A Time/The Baron/Highwayman BCD 16325 CR (3CD) **2007** THE OUTTAKES CD 1  Wide Open Road/You're My Baby (Little Woolly Booger)/My Treasure (false start & complete take)/Hey Porter/Folsom Prison Blues (4 versions)/Wide Open Road/My Two Timin' Woman/Cry, Cry, Cry (extended version)/Rock And Roll Ruby/I Walk The Line/Brakeman's Blues (incomplete take)/Get Rhythm (false start & complete take)/Get Rhythm/Get Rhythm (microphone test)/Get Rhythm/Train Of Love (2 versions)/One More Ride (incomplete take)/I Love You Because/Don't Make Me Go (incomplete take, false starts, 8 complete takes) CD 2 Home Of The Blues (false start & undubbed master)/Give My Love To Rose (false starts, 3 complete takes)/Country Boy/If The Good Lord's Willing/I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow (false starts, complete take)/I Was There When It Happened/Big River (false starts & complete take)/Ballad Of A Teenage Queen (2 versions)/Goodnight Irene/Come In Stranger/Guess Things Happen That Way (undubbed master, 2 alternate vocal overdubs)/Oh Lonesome Me (undubbed master)/Sugartime/Born To Lose (incomplete take, false start, undubbed master)/You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven/The Story Of A Broken Heart (false starts, complete take & false starts)/Always Alone (false starts & incomplete take, 2 incomplete takes)/You Tell Me (2 false starts, master)/You Win Again/I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You/I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You (undubbed master)/Hey Good Lookin'/Hey Good Lookin' (undubbed master) CD 3 I Can't Help It <If I'm Still In Love Yith You > (& undubbed master)/Cold, Cold Heart (2 versions)/Katy Too (false starts & 3 versions)/The Ways Of A Woman In Love/Fools Hall Of Fame/Fools Hall Of Fame (false starts & complete take)/Thanks A Lot (false starts, 10 versions incl. undubbed master, 2 vocal overdubs & 4 vocal overdubs - ending only)/It's Just About Time (6 versions incl. 2 incomplete)/I Forgot To Remember To Forget (3 takes incl. 1 incomplete, false start)/I Just Thought You'd Like To Know (4 versions incl. 2 incomplete takes)/Down The Street To 301/Down The Street To 301 (false start & complete take) BCD 17308 AH **2012** UNSEEN CASH Country Style U. S. A. #18: Stay All Night, Stay A Little Longer/There You Go/Give My Love To Rose/White Silver Sands (Carolee Cooper)/Home Of The Blues/Stay Al Night, Stay A Little Longer (w/Carolee Cooper & Charlie Applewhite) Country Music Time #141: Intro/I Got Stripes/Pickin' Time/Ten Years (Johnny Western)/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/Outro
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